"Dear Doctors,

What can I say, but thank you a hundred times for helping my father. Without the free medicine you gave him for his bronchitis, he would have surely developed pneumonia. Thank you so very much for being there when we needed you."

Svetlana Nazarian,
Madan, Armenia

  • 1997
    First medical center established in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • 1998
    Operation of 30 nurses´ stations in Ukraine begins. Two more clinics are opened in Georgia.
  • 1999
    First coronary by-pass surgery/ training program conducted in Georgia.
  • 2000
    Mobile Medical Unit Programs bring medical care to remote villages.
  • 2001
    Medical centers in Alaverdi, Armenia and Mariupol, Ukraine open.
  • 2002
    USAID awards $2.1 million grant to conduct HIV/AIDS awareness, community renovation and training.
  • 2003
    With His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Albania, a sixth medical center is inaugurated in Georgoutsates, Albania.
  • 2004
    Fifteen renovation projects restore fresh water supplies and health care to rural communities in Georgia and Armenia.
  • 2005
    Milestone reached of sending $100 million worth of aid to NIS countries.
  • 2006
    PHCI renamed "hellenicare" widening the scope of services offered.
  • 2007
    Plans begin for new diagnostic laboratory, mobile medical unit, training and community education in Himare, Albania.
  • 2007
    Tenth Anniversary Celebration and Medical Mission in the Republic of Georgia commemorating the beginning of hellenicare´s medical and humanitarian programs.
  • 2008
    Tenth Anniversary Celebration and Women´s Health Medical Exchange Program, September 27 to October 4 in Mariupol, Ukraine.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1997 by Andrew A. Athens, a leading Hellenic-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, hellenicare is a lifeline of hope to thousands of people in the former Soviet Republics and the Republic of Albania. Upon witnessing the plight of Hellenes and their neighbors Andrew Athens launched hellenicare as the global Hellenic community’s humanitarian response to alleviating poverty and oppression. Amid the region’s instability, hellenicare works to restore health, feed hunger, resolve conflict, create jobs and enhance skills by building healthy, secure and productive lives.

At hellenicare we believe:

  • In the value and dignity of every human life
  • Human beings are resilient
  • People have the right to a peaceful co-existence and to participate in decisions that affect their lives
  • Human resourcefulness provides the energy needed to solve problems
  • Our humanitarian and moral values call us to service

Since 1997, we have helped nearly 2.2 million people and distributed $140 million worth of medicines, medical supplies, food, clothing and equipment in the Former Soviet Republics and the Republic of Albania. Annually, nearly 200,000 people are helped in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Albania. hellenicare’s humanitarian programs have also reached people in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. hellenicare’s medical programs conduct over 400,000 patient services every year. We have taken the scope of medical care from basic services to diagnostic specialties, responding to changing health care needs.

hellenicare services and humanitarian assistance are open to all, demonstrating the greater Hellenic community’s compassion, concern and caring for not only our fellow Hellenes, but all who suffer from poverty and oppression. Services are not just concentrated in city areas, but in rural, remote villages where people's access is severely limited. hellenicare was the first organization to conduct coronary by-pass surgery in the Republic of Georgia. In 2007, the organization made history once again in providing outpatient cataract surgery. The medical center in Tbilisi, Georgia not only is performing cataract surgery but also laparoscopic surgery as of November 2008.

In the Republic of Ukraine, hellenicare operates the first privately own medical center in Mariupol, Ukraine for women’s health. More than 8,000 free mammograms have been provided to women who may have not had access to breast cancer screening services. The "Sister to Sister" program provides public health education regarding breast cancer and support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. In February of 2008, hellenicare’s medical center in Tbilisi, Georgia, received a donation from the Hellenic Republic of a vehicle equipped with a portable mammogram unit. This portable screening unit enables hellenicare is able to bring breast cancer screenings to rural villages

Every dollar donated to hellenicare empowers positive social change by providing medical care, humanitarian assistance, opportunities for economic recovery, rebuilding of infrastructure and enhancement of life skills. When you make a donation to hellenicare, you transform a life. For every $1 US donated, hellenicare can provide up to $20 worth of assistance. Every donation has a far greater impact than its monetary value.


Dear Friend,

Welcome to hellenicare’s new web site! Please take a moment to learn more about the life-saving work we are doing in a region of the world where health care services and humanitarian aid can mean the difference between life and death.

At hellenicare we believe in the value and dignity of every human life. Time and again, we have seen how human resourcefulness provides the energy needed to solve problems, when given the opportunity, initial resources and guidance. hellenicare provides people facing poverty and oppression the opportunity, resources and guidance needed to build healthy, secure and productive lives.

It is our hope that upon learning more about hellenicare that you will support our mission with a donation. For more information please contact us at 312-775-9000 or via email at info@hellenicare.org.



Andrew A. Athens
President and Founder

600 West Jackson, Suite 550
Chicago, IL 60661

Tel: 312-775-9000
Fax: 312-775-9100


600 West Jackson, Suite 550
Chicago, IL 60661

Tel: 312-775-9000
Fax: 312-775-9100